School parties

Hitman Entertainment can handle all kinds of school dances & youth events!

  • Proms
  • Homecomings
  • Junior High and elementary school parties
  • Father-daughter dances
  • Mother-son dances
  • Friday night dance parties
  • After-school dance parties
  • Holiday themed parties

    Add one of our Hitman Entertainment lighting options for an even more exciting event!


    Hitman Entertainment understands the importance of playing the music kids want, yet still keeping it clean and appropriate.

  • High school teens love rap and hip-hop. We get it. At Hitman Entertainment, we subscribe to a service that sends us the latest new music, but only the radio-edit versions. Of course, we mix in popular line dances with the old school classics too.

  • Junior high, elementary school, and parent-student dance music is all guaranteed to be age-appropriate and family friendly.

Phone 419-522-9013 for a personal consultation. Reserve your date or check availability using the booking calendar below.